Location Pricing

1 hour shoot: £160 – up to 2 people. That means £80 per person.

£160 is our minimum hourly fee even for 1 person. £150 per hour there after charge at 30 minutes increments

Add £80 per person if you want more than 2 people shot.

If you require a group shot. We will charge by the hour not by number of people.

Half Day shoot (4 HOURS): £400 – up to 25 people @ £16 per person

If you require more than 6 people to be photographed, choose this option.

For more than 4 hours, choose this option and add £160 per hour for each hour.

Ideal for a group shot, meetings and Headshots for a small company.

Full Day shoot (8 HOURS): £700 – up to 50 people @ £14 per person

If you require between 25 to 50 people photographed, choose this option.

Good for Events and large corporations.

Product shots: £25 – prices per image

Product shots are charged per image. Front and back of a product is 2 images.

Discounts available for 10 + images.